Accessibility on the Attiva-Mente website

The internet plays a large role in the process of social inclusion

Every day, Attiva-Mente is committed to promoting inclusion and breaking down the mental and physical barriers that people with disabilities have to face.
Access to information is an inalienable right, and in the digital age, the enjoyment of this right must be within everyone's reach, not only in regards to television or print media, but also via the internet.

For this reason, Italy introduced the “Legge Stanca” (Tired Law?- non so se tradurla/ come tradurla esattamente) in 2004. This law establishes precise guidelines containing both the technical requirements and the methodologies for testing the accessibility of websites.
Those/ the bodies who have had to adapt to this law are limited (public administrations, economic public bodies, transport and telecommunications companies ...), yet the fact remains that complying with these requirements should be a moral obligation for all those who reside/have sites on the internet.

Attiva-Mente's commitment is, and will continue to be, to ensure access for the greatest number of people to the information contained on its site, adapting and trying to comply with all the main guidelines provided by the W3C, with the belief that reducing disadvantage situations increases and improves the browsing and learning experience for everyone.

Below are the main measures adopted by Attiva-Mente to increase the accessibility of its site.

Access key (keyboard shortcuts)

The main menu items, search page and this page have been included among the access keys, this allows you to also access the resources via the keyboard.
The access keys are provided below.

Key to activated shortcuts

Access KeyPage
HHome page
AThe Association
SSupport Us
RSearch the site

How to use the Access Keys from Browsers

As is often the case in the online world, each browser has its own rules and specific ways to perform certain operations. The following table will allow you to understand the use of shortcuts based on the characteristics of the device and browser preferred by the user.

Guide to the use of access keys

Operating systemBrowserShortcut
Windows / LinuxFirefoxALT + MAIUSC + Access Key
WindowsChromeHold down the ALT key and at the same time type the Access Key
WindowsExplorer (6 and above)Hold down the ALT key and press the Access Key. Release both keys and press Enter
Mac OS XFirefox (2 and above)Hold down the CTRL key and type the Access Key at the same time
Mac OS XSafariHold down the CTRL key and simultaneously type the Access Key

High contrast and better legibility mode

Other mechanisms that we have considered fundamental for our site are those aimed at adaptability, even if the users are not equipped with assistive technologies. We will ensure that certain operations can be carried out so that the contents can be shown in the most suitable way and without compromising the usability of the site itself.

For this reason, three links have been inserted in the top part of the website to allow the user to:

  • Switch to a high contrast version of the site
  • Enlarge the texts
  • Make texts smaller

Improvement mechanisms for dyslexic users

To facilitate reading for dyslexic users, in addition to the mechanisms already listed above on the variable dimensions of the texts, we have chosen:

  • Not to use a pure white background
  • Not to use justified text
  • To integrate a highly readable font (Open Dyslexic Font), which can be activated by the user

Report any problems

We do our best to ensure that our site is accessible to the largest number of users, if you encounter any sort of problem, please report it in detail to make it easier for us to intervene and make the appropriate corrections where possible.

Have you encountered any problems navigating our site?

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