Attiva-Mente is a volunteering association based in San Marino and its work is focused on the disability sector.

The initiative is developed through sporting, cultural and solidarity based enterprises and, by orienting the implementation of various projects on three fronts, the aim is to achieve:

  • The constant maintenance of a high level of public attention (both from Administrations and citizens) on these issues.
  • The cultural, social and regulatory implementation of a modern concept of disability based on respect for Human Rights in San Marino.
  • Improving the quality of life for San Marinese people with disabilities and their families.

Sport - The importance of practicing sport is well known: sport encompasses health, rehabilitation and integration, sport also means playing for the chance to improve, to overcome one's limits, to have friends to play with, compete with and help each other. As such, Attiva-Mente wants to transform despair and loneliness into a desire for redemption through sport.

Culture - When we talk about diversity we are faced with a vast legal and cultural panorama in the field of Human Rights. The path which, specifically, must be undertaken and pursued for disability, is that which will make the society in which we live inclusive. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal through the constant raising of awareness, Attiva-Mente carries out various initiatives in collaboration with public and private bodies, as well as other voluntary associations present in the area.

Solidarity - Solidarity remains the base value of all activities promoted by Attiva-Mente. As it is not a question of pitying or commiserating with a less fortunate sector of society, but of favoring, with concrete benefits, the reduction or cancellation of disadvantages, seeking the full social inclusion of people with disabilities.

This road, in San Marino and beyond, is still a very long and arduous one to travel: cultural barriers are often the most difficult to overcome, and although our small Republic is bound to respect the international treaties it signed on the subject, it does not always appear adequately prepared and attentive to the cultural changes necessary.

The recovery of disabled people’s psychophysical potential, the pursuit of their autonomy and the protection of their psychological well-being within the ambit of sport, school, work and leisure time, means to achieve the important goal of Independent Life and build an effective path towards the creation of a resilient community with a sense of civility.

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